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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 They are doing the strongest chemo The red Devil.I just got a ultrasound and tumors haven’t shrunk.My friend who is a nurse says chemo shrinks tumors.It is killing you But not doing what it’s meant Thinking of refusing last

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    Have you discussed this with your team? I know one wants to give up but perhaps there is something else that can be used. Take care of yourself.
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    What time of cancer were you diagnosed with? The Red Devil is def. evil. But you should be doing other types of chemos too to help kill the cancer. This is very treatable!
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    Yes I am not giving up.I still have a positive outlook.I am just giving up on this particular chemo drug and want to go on to the next because I think it should be more beneficial or at least working .I was just wondering if anyone ever rufused their last chemo before because if it not working? I know I will overcome this disease I just need to take a more pro active role in my treatment. Thanks
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    I just want to add my last week side effects were so bad I couldn’t walk on my feet they were callused and Enflamed.I just don’t see the point in continuing a plan that’s bit working.I am going to Taxol next Hopefully that will work
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