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Any idea of what an elongated knot would be around lumpectomy site?

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  • Betti A Profile
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    Scar tissue? Hematoma? Those are my guesses but you need to be asking your surgeon about it.
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  • Sue Boston Profile
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    Hi Sandi, it may be cording, I had that after my lumpectomy. Here is the definition..... Cording. Axillary Web Syndrome is also known as “cording”. It is very common after mastectomy or lumpectomy with axillary node dissection (lymph node removal). It may be cording, I had that after mine. It ran down my side from the incision area.
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    • Betti A Profile
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      I had a mild area of cording in my axilla following my mastectomy and lymph node dissection. My Surgeon got me a consult with an Occupational Therapist who worked it out using stretches and massage. She also gave me stretches to do at home.

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