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Had my 3rd AC one more to go the 4 time taxol... Still feeling good today ;)

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    Sounds like you are managing well! Good on you! And keep up the awesome job! Docetaxol has a set of challenges but not nausea and it can't hurt your heart like adriamycin. The neupogen/neulasta shots can give bony pain deep inside. Don't hesitate to try something. Apparently Claritin taken before treatment and then several days helps (wish I'd known that) Anyone with more comments on that?
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      I took the neulasta shot also the day after chemo. I'm feeling better now. I took Zyrtec day before/day of and after along with tylenol. Still felt some pain but not too bad.

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    Doing the same. I have three more to go! Trying so hard to stay positive. HANG IN THERE.
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