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What is the survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer?

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    Alexandra, Would hearing those statistics or educated guesses really make your life better? What if you turn out to be one of many breast cancer survivor who lives to 95? You would have tucked into the back of your mind that dark thought--your life would be shortened because you had breast cancer.... just because of statistics--. It would add stress and a big dose of unhappiness over all of that wonderful life you could have been enjoying. Statistics are just numbers gleened from a big group of people.... overall. It does not take into consideration individuals, and their unique differences. No two breast cancer folks are the same. Our treatments are different, WE are different, we are special in our own ways. I could go all biblical on you but we really don't have control over how long we have on this Earth. I would hope you set this query aside and just go live your life. Don't bring this dark cloud over your head to rain on your wonderful life parade. Hearing statistics will not enhance your life or make it better. I can assure you it would only make you focus on that "expiration date" given to you. We are NOT a box of Chicken McNuggets. We are living, breathing, wonderful women who have been given a fabulous chance to live a great life. In a way, we are fortunate.... we have looked into that dark hole of our own mortality. We now have an appreciation for life like no other non-breast cancer person could possibly have. We are special so choose to embrace life and enjoy every minute. Don't waste one more minute looking at that glass half empty. Take care, and many pony hugs to you! Sharon
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      Excellent advice, Sharon!

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    Although I never look at the statistics, I do know that the survival rate has gone up significantly over the last 5-10 years. There are many forms of treatment that can extend the life of a cancer patient. Also, the survival rate depends on SO many factors. Age, type (lobular, invasive, etc)., stage, oncotype, hormone receptors (present or absent), and a number of other things. If you want honest and accurate answers your doctor is the best resource. Some of them may be reluctant to give prognoses. If that's the case and you really want the statistics, my suggestion is that you be persistent. If your doc won't tell you, get another opinion. Best of luck to you!
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    I'm alive today and I'm cancer free. I celebrate everyday. I buried my best friend 6 months before I was diagnosed my neighbor is a 40 year survivor. I love the life I have today. I will fight like hell if I have to again. But right now I'm going to pack that cute new dress for vacation with the best cowboy I have ever known.
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    • Anne Marie jacintho Profile
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      Thanks for the smile marianne I too have been blessed with a wonderful cowboy at my side.

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    • Carol Patterson Profile
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      Yes, this made me smile big-time! Family and wonderful friends mean everything for a successful recovery. My 46-year marriage is better than ever. And vacations rock!

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  • Elaine Mills Profile
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    My doctor told me that even 5 years ago, they couldn't give as good of survival rates as they can now. You can ask your question to google.com and get statistics. Most breast cancer patients are able to still be alive in 5 years. It is not without sacrifice, as the treatments and follow up medications can be grueling. Be strong. Be good to yourself. Follow your doctor's orders.
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