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My pathology report showed "isolated"cancer cells in 1 of 2 nodes. My surgeon said its nothing to worry about since the node was removed. I can't help but worry! I did chemo, surgery, and now tamoxifen. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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    Laura, I had the same report.... in one of my nodes. My onc. and surgeon said pretty much the same thing. It did not change my treatment, the node was removed. All it did was change my stage from 2A to 2B. Do I worry about it 5 years later.... NO. I am also on a hormone blocker but it is Femara. You have done all you can do. You have received all the treatments available. Now Laura, it is your job and duty to LIVE YOUR LIFE. Let the doctor's worry about your health. God's blessings to you. You have been on "high alert" for a long time.... let it go. Take care, Sharon
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    I have stage 2b ductal carcinoma. I had a lynpectomy and also involvement in 1 of 3 nodes that were removed. I haven't started treatment. I'm having the Oncotype DX done and had a PET scan done last Fri. I have a follow-up with my oncologist Thurs. to go over the results of both. Ask your doctor about these tests if it will make you feel better.
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      Sorry, I meant I had a lumpectomy.

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