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Had my double mast on 10/10/12. Got my drains removed Monday. Same day my doc did a revision on my right breast. Nipple had died. It's been very swollen. How can I tell if this is normal swelling? Doc said it was when called Tuesday.

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    To be more specific... my nipple, areola and surrounding tissue died. So my cosmetic surgeon had to cut it all out and sew me back up. He deflated by expander by 200cc before doing this. My drains looked fabulous which is why they were removed. I'm just wondering how much swelling would be cause for alarm? I'm concerned about fluid build up.
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    After my double mastectomy and drains were removed, I had fluid build up in one of my breast. Doctor removed fluid by using a needle to extract it. The needle looks like the kind of needle they use to extract blood for blood tests. Best my sister, Roxann
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