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My mom just got diagnosed - I am so scared. She sees the surgeon on Monday to schedule a bilateral mastecomy. What should I expect and what can I do?

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    Hi Kim, I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. It's wonderful that she has a caring daughter like you! :). I just had my bilateral mastectomy on Oct. 24th and am still recovering. Usually the hospital stay is just overnight. She'll have 2 or more drains that will need to be emptied periodically and the fluid measured when she returns home. Her dr and/or nurses should explain the correct way to do this. You could help her with this. She won't be able to lift anything over 10 lbs or drive for a few weeks. Also taking a bath with the drains can be a little tricky at first and might need some help. I took a long shoestring and tied the drains up ( like a necklace). This kept my incisions dry and drains out of the way so I could bathe. If she has a recliner ....that would be a great help. She won't be able to lie on her side to sleep for awhile and my recliner was a lifesaver for me as far as being comfortable! If not....then several comfy pillows so she can prop herself up would be good as well. All those things will help her as well as helping her with meals. Emotionally it's difficult losing your breasts. It will be an adjustment for her. Give her lots of TLC. :). I'll say a prayer for your Mom and best wishes on Monday!!
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    Good Morning Kim, Diana gave you such good tips and what to expect. Your mom is lucky to have you at her side to go through this together. I too have some information that may help you and your mom through the rough first stages of recovery....always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel....I have written my experience in a paper I have posted on line for other women to read. Our type of breast cancer maybe different along with our choices of treatment, but the more we share and the more we know the better it is for us to deal with the road ahead. You may access my story at http://home.roadrunner.com/~amj (In my story I take you from the initial abnormal mammogram, the biopsy, surgery and recovery period after my bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies. I also have a reflection of a year later) May God Bless
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