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We are at the end of another year! Wow. I'm happy to put some mileage behind me and say "later gator!" to 2013. I finished my first year of post treatment in October. Yay. A quick review of my story...
Routine mammo found lumpy thing.
Biopsy confirmed lumpy thing bad, bad, bad.
Lumpectomy got rid of lumpy thing.
Found a couple of hot tamales in lymph nodes though. Boo.
Went through 4 rounds of Cytoxan and Taxotere Summer of 2012.
Did 36 rounds of RADS and finished in Oct. 2012
Started taking Tamoxifen. Added effexor so I don't spontaneously combust from hot flashes.
A year out and I still have chemo curls (but at least it's hair)
I finally have started feeling really good consistently.
I am here to talk to anyone who needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or a sister to lean on.
You can find me on Facebook. I'm the lady with the Great Danes.
Looking forward to a happy and HEALTHY new year!!!

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