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Having a stereotactic biopsy next week. I'm very nervous. How long does the needle stay in my body?

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    Michele, I agree with Mary about everything she said. You will feel some pain as the area is numbed. You will feel pressure. Take a valium or similar drug... but you will need to have someone drive you back. Fear creeps in because of the unknown. You have never had anything like this done and you can only imagine what it will be like... totally a human thing to happen. The procedure is relatively quick, but you will spend time waiting.... for the doctor, for the anesthetic to take effect, and for the result to come back. I think we can all say the wait for the results was the worst of all. I will tell you the results will be back within a week. Try to keep yourself busy, Most of these things come back benign. In fact, one of my friends just had this same procedure done and it was benign. I really wish you the very best. Take care, Sharon
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    Take deep breaths and do NOT move. Stay still. I did just that and had no pain at all
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    I't's really not that bad. Once they find the lump it goes very fast. They don't put the needle in until they fund the lump.
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    Michele, the actual procedure is done in about 15 minutes. They wil numb your breast before putting the needle in. You will feel some pinching and pressure but not pain. You can also ask for a Valium to help you relax. I did as I got really nervous. Just make sure someone goes with you. Best of luck to you! Mary
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    Hi Michele, I had this procedure done last Wednesday. I actually did not have a biopsy but I had to have a "wire" like needle inserted into a cluster of calcifications hours before my lumpectopy. I have to say that the procedure itself was not bad at all! It was the fear of the unknown and also having a wire stuck in my breast that made my nervous. You lay on your stomach with your breast going through a hole in the table. They take a mammogram like picture except it does not squash you like a pancake it rather just squeezes a little bit. They will numb the area and then instert the needle. Again I did not have a biopsy but I did have a hollow needle insterted and then they insterted the wire needle - I did not feel anything. Good Luck!
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