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Has anyone ever had DIEP microsurgery? I have read everything about it and wanted to know any personal experiences.

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    Thank you Casey
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    Hi, yes I just had the surgery on July 7th.. Mine was a little complicated because my left breast didn't take like the right one so I was in surgery for 20 hours...and I will have to have an implant inserted on my left side... The recovery is tough with the drains but I should be getting them out next week! And then I will get my expander to start reconstruction on my left breast. This doesn't happen to everyone so I just wanted to tell u my experience...one good thing I will tell u is I has a "mini" tummy tuck with the surgery... I would say more than mini because my belly looks great and super flat!! So I'm happy one food thing came out of this!! Hope I helped..
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    I'm having this surgery a week from today. A little nervous but anxious and excited!!
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    I am going to have DIEAP surgery in January, but will have a full tummy tuck (with moving of belly button) so will be in agony for a while. I am only having a mastectomy on my right breast.
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