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My mother (65 years old) has stage 4 breast cancer with bone metastasis. She is advised herceptin and chemotherapy every three weeks. Chemotherapy is for 6 cycles. How long do we have to continue with herceptin?

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    Sometimes doctors prescribe Herceptin for 1+ years, but it depends. Ask her oncologist what they recommend for your mother's case.
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    I had chemotherapy with herceptin for 5 treatments n then another 9 months, every three weeks, of herceptin.
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    I take zometa. And falsodex shots once a month last month my pet scan came back my cancer had disappeared except for one small spot every church has been praying for me Jesus does heal praise His name
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    I took chemo for every week for over 6omths and then herceptin for a yr every week It did throw me into cardio arrest an had to stop for a few weeks an then went for a yr. been taking treatments for almost 2 yrs. just now stopped. Have to take pain pills just to walk an sexual life is over. Was this really worth it . I'm 52 an I don't no if I will ever do it again
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