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How do I tell my kids?

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  • Caroline Foster Caubet Profile
    Survivor since 1996
    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my daughters were between 16 and 6. What could they hear? Obviously the message could not be the same for each one of them. I spoke to each one individually, without pronouncing the word "cancer". Their questions did come with time and I answered with simple words. What I wanted them to understand was that I was very sick, that I was fighting hard and that there was a pretty good chance that I would win the battle. I tried to give a message of hope. 15 years later, we talk about it and they say they appreciated understanding progressively.
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  • Elise Merchant Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Well ive just turned 12 and my mum was diagnosed on January 05 2011 and i was 11 at the time and she came in and said to me- a soon as she got back from the hospital- Ellie theyve found a lump and so we hugged and then i asked is it cancer and she said it was. i was greatful that she told me straight out that it was and that she was going to be fine :)
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  • Jody  Feil Profile
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    As a child of a breast cancer survivor, I can say there's no great way to find out. My mother told me as I was preparing to get married. It was very hard, but she told me with such strength and poise. I think it also depends on the age of your children. I don't know how I would have handled it when I was younger.
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  • Almaleki7 Almaleki Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
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  • Heather Levering Profile
    Survivor since 2010
    When i was diagnosed my 2 girls were 8 and 9. My first thought was not to tell them, but i couldnt hide losing my hair and all the doctor appointments. I made the decision to be open and honest with them and they handled it extremly well.
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  • Melynda Rodriguez Profile
    Survivor since 2010
    When i was diagnosed, my son was only 9 months old and really didn't need to be told. I always wondered what i would have told him if he was old enough to understand. A few months later while shopping at Target, i came across the perfect book. It is called "You are the best medicine" by Julie Aigner Clark.. I would encourage you to look for it! God Bless you.
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  • elyssa m Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Depending on their age they most likely will not know the importance of positivity. Make sure when you tell them they dont go around in their mind thinking " mommy has cancer she is going to get sick loose her hair and die" because thats how my 10 yr old coisin is her mom is goong to tallk to her but its important to stay positive and habe lots of support!
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