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I am 30 years old with a large mass in my right breast it's tender

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Aprendiendo sobre el cáncer de mama casi 8 años
  • Lysa Allison Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    It could be nothing but I would have it checked out immediately. When you have pain, u
    casi 8 años Comentario Bandera
  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    Yes, please get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.
    casi 8 años Comentario Bandera
  • Anne Marie jacintho Profile
    Survivor since 2003
    It is the fear of the unknown that scares us. Once you have the lump evaluated the sooner they can remove it and treat it it could be many things a cyst an infection a benign growth. Not all lumps are cancer. Even with that said no lump should be ignored As Lysa and Diana said please get it checked out.
    casi 8 años Comentario Bandera
  • Lysa Allison Profile
    It could
    casi 8 años Comentario Bandera

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