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Sarah Hailes

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My story... I am not sure where to start but it is a good idea to get this down so that first i dont forget and second because I want to write a book to help others who are facing breast or really any cancer.

I was 36 living my life minding my own business when I heard the words "your biopsy came back positive for cancer". My mind was reeling, not only was I at work when I received the call, but I was told during the biopsy that most likely (somewhere in the 80% range, that people with micro calcifications that get a biopsy come back negative, that it is nothing to worry about.) I was floored, I was sobbing uncontrolably in my boss' office. I told her I needed to leave right away, I had told her that i had to get the steriotactic biopsy but I really didnt have much to worry about, so when i got the call I think she was as surprised as i was. I had gone to get the biopsy the friday before,

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