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Alysia Krafel

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Cottonwood, California
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I am in shock - not at all beyond it. I have an invasive tumor in a milk duct. It is small, only 5mm, but it is cancer. I do not know what grade the tumor is. I am struggling with anxiety ( a chronic health problem I have) and with chest pain and palpitations (another health problem I have) from the anxiety being generated over this diagnosis which I got four days ago. Right now all I can do is to try to control my mind. My appetite is down the tube and I feel disconnected from reality. I feel like I am in free fall. This seems totally out of proportion to the seriousness of my tumor which is tiny really. I want to cry. I have a deep sense that my life just changed.

I will begin the process of dealing with this in a few days. The surgical oncologist wants to see me this week. So at least I don't have to stew in this waiting puddle for long.

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