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I'm Tamara Davidson from Louisiana I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer I have a very small second malignancy in my right lung. My story is a little different from most, I have been living with the lump in my breast for 18 months. 18 months ago it started with shocking pains in my lower part of my breast followed by a pea size lump right under the skin in the lower part of my nipple. It stayed that way with pain that came and went for about a year, then it started growing, to shorten then story I hid it from my family and husband by November 2012 when I could no longer hide it my tumor which was the size of a pea had grown to 4 1/2 centimeters 3 1/2 with nipple retracted and leaking constantly and pain,, I knew within my soul for the last 18 months that I had cancer ,, I denied it and didn't want to deal with it,,, I lost my mother in 2004 to car accident and my father in 2007 to car accident, and I'm a mother. Of two, 13 year old Allie and 5 year old Damian jr.,,, and of course a housewife and busy busy mom, Well my husband got me outta bed November 13 @ 9:00 at ,night and made me go to the doctor for the first time in 18 months,,, nov 16 th 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer ,,, my worst fears came true,,, now only had I gone sooner,,, well I can't change the past I believe in god so much and always had and I believe there's a reason for everything ! My regimen is 12 weeks of taxol/ herceptin ( once a week) the 4 cycles of CEF ( once a month ) then mastectomy , followed by radiation, and completion of 18 months of herceptin I just has my 6 th taxol and herceptin feb 1st 2013 and needless to say my 4 1/2 cen tumor is about the size of a pea !! Doctors r impresses by the drastic change and we gonna scan my lungs next week to see what's up with them ,,,,, after I beat this with gods grace , I'm gonna dedicate my life to helping cancer patients,,

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