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Mammogram 3/15/2013. Biopsy 3/21/2013. Had mastectomy on left 4/11/2013. Nodes tested Negative. While there were two incidents, they were separate. Triple positive.The larger was 4.8cm. This makes my diagnosis intermediate grade, IIa stage. Tumor board determined radiation isn't indicated. (4/18/13) Onco score 17, so NO CHEMO for me! (5/22/2103) Doctor says the chemo is worse for me than the risk of recurrence. (BC sister says that leaves me chemo option in the future, too.) Letrozole to starve the cancer for at least 5 years. Second menopause. So far, so good. A few hairs in the sink and I wear a jacket that I can take off.

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Un plan de detección temprana (EDP) aumenta considerablemente las posibilidades de sobrevivir al cáncer de mama.

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